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Life Groups

What's a Life Group?

It's a small group of people who meet once a week to study the Bible, pray, talk, hang out, encourage, be real and do life!

We're not supposed to live life alone. God wants us to experience life with Him and other people!

GroupLink and Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups that meet to study the Bible, pray, talk, hang out, and do life! The way you get into a Life Group is GroupLink!

It's really casual, there's finger food, and you can bring the kids! It's not a class: You walk through, talk to some Life Group leaders, and when you find a group you'd like to join, sign up. That's it!

When's the Next GroupLink?

As soon as we have info on the next one, we'll put it here! If you'd like to get in a Life Group before our next GroupLink, just email Kenzie or give her a call.

Find a Group

Click the button below to search our list of Life Groups! Click on the group you're interested in, or choose from the dropdown links at the top of the page. Just follow the prompts to send an email to the leader of the group(s).

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Kenzie DeGraaf

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