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Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups that meet once a week to study the Bible, pray, talk, hang out, and do life! Watch the short promo to see what we're talkin' about!

Be Part of a Life Group

Group Finder helps you do exactly that! It shows you all the Cornerstone groups out there, and walks you through how to connect with one. If you'd rather have someone help you, Group Finder can do that, too!

Take Me To Group Finder

Me... a Life Group Leader?

If you're thinking you have to be a public speaker, have an outgoing personality, or be a teacher to lead a small group, none of those things are true! 

Leaders help decide where to meet, start the meeting, and help keep the discussion going.Studies are provided, and no, you don't have to teach! To learn more, email Jenn Strobl at

Take two minutes and watch the vid linked below. You'll see: 

It's not difficult to be a life group leader!

Activity Groups

Are you looking to participate in an activity but grow closer to others and God at the same time? Join one of our activity groups including a walking group, Body and Soul, Activity and Adventure Group, and more!

Find an Activity Group

Groups Coordinator

Jenn Strobl
Jenn Strobl

P 616.698.3170
Email Jenn

Message Discussion Guide

Message Discussion Guide

You can find the message discussion guide on each week's message page.

To receive the guide automatically in your email each week, subscribe to our message discussion guide email list.


Life Group Resources

If you and your group would like to know what studies are available, are looking for suggestions, or you just have general questions, we’re here to help!

Visit our Life Group Resources page!

For current updates and news about what is coming up, please follow our Facebook page: