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Blood Drive
Blood Drive

Cornerstone supports many local non-profits, but did you know we also have a partnership with Michigan Blood? We host blood drives during the year to make sure our local hospitals have the supply they need!

Be #ForGR and Save Local Lives!

If you could save three lives by donating a pint of blood, would you? We think you would!

On Sunday, August 26, 8am-1pm, Michigan Blood will be at each Cornerstone campus. If you're 16 years old (with permission) or older, you can give blood. Our goal is 95 pints! All donations stay right here in Grand Rapids and go to Metro, St. Mary's and Spectrum hospitals.

And Here's a Bonus...
If we reach at least 95 attempts to donate, Michigan Blood will give $10 for each attempt to Cornerstone Student Ministries!

What does "attempt to donate" mean? If you're all set to dontate, and something prevents you (Eg. low iron or hemoglobin, etc.), your willingness to donate still counts!

Please sign up for a time slot at your campus (below). We know you've got it in you! Thank you for helping save lives in West Michigan!

Thank you for helping save lives in West Michigan!

Am I Qualified to Donate?

Get answers your blood donation questions here.

Note: If you're 16 years old and are considering a blood donation, you can get all the information you need by clicking the link above. Your parent(s) or guardian(s) need to fill out the form you'll find there.

Thank you for helping save lives!


To make the donation process as efficient as possible, there's a sign-up form to select your appointment time at each of our campuses:

Donate at our 84th St. Campus

Donate at our Heritage Hill Campus

Donate at our South Wyoming Campus

Care & Prayer Team Lead

Karen Baker
Karen Baker

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1009
Email Karen