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Blood Drive
Blood Drive

Cornerstone supports many local non-profits, but did you know we also have a partnership with Michigan Blood? We host blood drives during the year to make sure our local hospitals have the supply they need!

We Know You've Got It In You!

If you could save three lives by donating a pint of blood, would you? We think you would!

A few times a year, Cornerstone hosts a blood drive at our campuses. We'll let you know when the next one is coming up!

Thank you for helping save lives in West Michigan!

How Donations Have Helped Cornerstone’s Own

You've got it in you! Give people like Joe and Emma Camilleri a fighting chance. Give blood!

Joe, a member here at Cornerstone, and his daughter Emma have both faced the devastation of Evans Syndrome; a rare autoimmune disorder that causes their bodies to attack and destroy platelets, and red and white blood cells. But thanks to donors like you, they’ve received life-giving blood products, including over 45 transfusions between the two of them!

Emma, in a fight back from paralysis, was told by doctors that she might recover, but she "wouldn’t be running any races." But God had something different in store for her, and soon after, she competed in the Riverbank 5K race!

Joe has come back four times from Evans Syndrome (ES) and continues his recovery from his fifth diagnosis in 2015. As well as blood donations, God has used extraordinary healing through prayer in Joe’s life, most recently at a prayer service at Cornerstone’s South Wyoming Campus this past April. Immediately after being prayed for, his blood counts improved dramatically, and he now completes a daily workout of stair climbing and biking! Before the prayer service, a single flight was a physical strain. Joe now climbs 20-40 flights of stairs a day, and has logged over 200 miles on his bike since April; many of those miles accompanied by Emma!

You can literally give life and hope to others like the Camilleri family by simply donating blood. As a bonus, each attempt to give helps us reach our 90-pint minimum to raise more than $900 from Michigan Blood for Cornerstone Student Mission Trips!

Am I Qualified to Donate?

If you're 16 (see below) or older and are considering a blood donation, you can get all the information you need here.

* Please Note: If you're 16 years old and want to donate, your parent(s) or guardian(s) need to fill out the form you'll find on this page.

Thank you for helping save lives!


We'll put info here on our next blood drive as soon as we have it!

Care & Prayer Team Lead

Karen Baker
Karen Baker

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