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Family Ministries Training
Family Ministries Training Extravaganza

As a CornerKids, Middle School or High School Ministries volunteer or leader, you are key to everything we do for families at Cornerstone!

Family Ministries Leader Extravaganza!

If you’re a leader or volunteer in CornerKids, Middle School or High School Ministries at any Cornerstone campus, this is for you!

We're getting together for light snacks, fun and mandatory training! (Just because it's mandatory doesn't mean it can't be fun!)

*Childcare is available if you need it.

Dates and Locations

Tues., Aug. 15th at HH, 6:30-9pm
Wed., Aug. 16th at 84th, 6:30-9pm
Thurs. Aug. 17th at SW, 6:30-9pm

* Deadlines: Please sign up by Wed., Aug. 9 if you need childcare; Fri., Aug. 11 if you don't!

Sign up for the Leader Extravaganza

Thank you so much for being a member or our Family Ministries Team! We couldn't do ministry without you—and we're looking forward to seeing you at the Extravaganza!

Director of Family Ministries

Betsy Marvin
Betsy Marvin

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1004
Email Betsy