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4/5 Preteens

4th&5th graders are in that in-between stage: not little kids, but not quite teens. That's why we've started this new ministry just for them! Right now, it's only available at 84th St. at 9:30am.

4/5 Preteens

Dear CornerKids 4th & 5th Grade Parents,

Recently our 4th and 5th grade children took a field trip to Base Camp with their small group leaders to talk about an exciting new ministry we’re launching at the 84th St. Campus called 4/5 Preteen. It officially starts January 6, 2019 at 9:30am in Base Camp, and will be available each Sunday after that during the 9:30am Service, only at 84th St. (Important Note: If your family normally attends the 11am Service at 84th, there will no longer be programming for 4th&5th Grades during that service.)

As a Family Ministry Team, we started having conversations about a Preteen Ministry a few years ago. We’ve noticed that 4th & 5th graders start ‘checking out’ of CornerKids because they’re not little kids anymore, and they’re not quite teenagers; they are a unique group that exists in the most “in between” space in the church. Because this is a unique group, they need a unique ministry to reach them and keep them connected as they transition to middle school.

We took time to introduce your child to Base Camp because that’s where 4/5 Preteen will meet starting in January. (Some kids have never seen or been in this space!) We also started a conversation with them about this new ministry and got their feedback on what they would like to see and experience every Sunday.

I encourage you to talk to your child about the trip they took today and ask them what they think and feel about 4/5 Preteen. We’ll be getting more information to you about this new ministry as we get closer to launching.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

CornerKids Team Lead

Bethann Fernandez
Bethann Fernandez

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1003
Email Bethann