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Kenya Mission Trip

Cornerstone Church has been in ministry with different people groups in Northern Kenya since 2007, by sending short-term mission teams.

Cornerstone & Kenya in 2017

Cornerstone sent three teams to Northern Kenya this year! It was the first time we’ve sent three traveling teams to Northern Kenya simultaneously, with different partners!

The teams – 13 people in all – traveled to Kenya together, then went to different areas. One team, led by Pete Westers, went to Turkana and visited with our World Relief partners serving the Turkana people group. Another team, led by Terry Hanauer, went to Archer's Post and Korr, visiting with our partners serving the Samburu and Rendille people groups. A third team included Pastor Brad Kalajainen, Brett Christiansen and Tracy Bowers. They visited multiple partners and captured stories, spending a couple of days with both teams.

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Kenya Mission Trip

Do you want to be part of a future Kenya Team?

If you're interested in traveling to Kenya as part of a Cornerstone Team, please email Tracy Bowers at

Kenya Mission Trips: A 10-Year Anniversary

This year marks a special anniversary for Cornerstone—it marks the 10th year we've been working in the country of Kenya to help unreached people know Jesus and make Him known. Below is a video highlighting many of the ways Cornerstone has impacted the people of Kenya.

Director of Outreach

Tracy Bowers
Tracy Bowers

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1011
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