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Kids 'n' Boots
New boots for Campus Elementary Kids

Help us Provide New Boots for Kids in Need!

Winter is just around the corner and some West Michigan kids don’t have the proper boots to protect them from the cold and snow! All the boots donated at our campuses go to kids at our partner schools: Campus Elementary, Bowen Elementary and Vanguard Charter Academy!

Cornerstone and 91.3 WCSG’s Community Connections

Cornerstone Church is proud to partner with 91.3 WCSG for various community events throughout the year! It’s all about listening for and seeing needs – Being Jesus to West Michigan!

This Fall and Winter, the focus for 91.3 WCSG Community Connections is socks and underwear of all sizes – children to adults. Cornerstone is complementing that effort by collecting winter boots for kids in our Kids ‘n’ Boots drive. All the boots donated at our campuses go to kids at our partner schools: Bowen Elementary, Campus Elementary and Vanguard Charter Academy!

Here’s How to be Part of Kids 'n' Boots:

  1. Stop by the kiosk at any Cornerstone campus and pick up a Kids ‘n’ Boots card. Each card has info on the boot size needed, and whether you’re buying for a girl or a boy. Please: Be sure the boots are waterproof and warm – Rainboots are nice, and UGG-type knock-offs look cool, but they’re not all that great at keeping kids’ feet dry and warm in our frigid West Michigan winters!
  2. After you shop, just put the card in the bag with the boots, and drop the bag in the Boots Bins at your campus by Sunday, December 3.

And, Viola! You’ve just given winter boots to a child who really needs them!

Thank you for helping to keep kids' feet warm this winter!

But Wait – There’s More!

We’re taking our partnership with 91.3 WCSG Community Connections two steps further!

  • Great Clips Collection Pick-Up

    91.3 WCSG is encouraging their listeners to donate socks and underwear at local Great Clips locations. Cornerstone gets to be responsible for collecting them and getting them to kids who need 'em! You can help by picking up the donated packs of socks and undies, and bringing them to Cornerstone’s at 84th St. Campus between November 1 – December 3. Please click here to choose which Great Clips location you will pick up from!

  • And That’s Why There’s a Sorting Party!

    Trust us – All those boots, socks and underwear will NOT sort themselves! So we’re having a Sorting Party on Monday, December 11, 6-9pm in Base Camp at 84th St.

    We’ll sort all the boots, socks and underwear donations by size and gender. We’ll also pack some into gift bags for students at our three partner schools, Campus Elementary, Bowen Elementary and Vanguard Charter Academy. The rest will go to other families, schools and organizations around West Michigan!

    The Sorting Party is a family-friendly and Life Group-friendly opportunity to serve! Anyone, and almost any age can help – Just sign up here!

Director of Outreach

Tracy Bowers
Tracy Bowers

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1011
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