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It’s a chance to “tour” a local service organization and get a feel for what they do. It’s our hope you’ll show the love of Jesus by volunteering when you see the need firsthand.


What Is It?

Several times a year, we'll take you to visit one of our (many) community outreach partners so you can decide whether volunteering there is a good fit for you!

Why We’re Doing This

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others…” Mark 10:45

That’s the biggest reason!

But we also want to show you the great things our partners are doing to help those who need it most. We want you to know what’s going on in the world of outreach in the greater Grand Rapids area. You might like to help, but aren’t sure how.

During Voluntour, you’ll meet the people who keep services running at these locations. They’ll show and tell you what they do. It’s our hope that by actually seeing what goes on and learning firsthand what the need is, you’ll volunteer.

If you Voluntour and find a particular organization or service isn’t for you, that’s part of what this is all about. Just don’t give up, ok? There are plenty of other options.

Every one of us can have true impact, no matter how much time we have to give.

Watch here for an announcement of the next Voluntour opportunity!

Director of Outreach

Tracy Bowers
Tracy Bowers

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1011
Email Tracy