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Student Ministries
Cornerstone Student Ministries

 If you're in 6th-12th grade, CSM is for you!

CSM: What to Expect

We teach from the Bible in ways you can relate to and use in your lives every day—and it's not boring! We have awesome music and singing, high-energy teaching and small groups so you can actually connect and be real. We also have lots of activities through the year, and we serve in our community, and in others.

Parents: We have a brand new Guide just for you. Take a look inside Cornerstone's Student Ministry!

View The New CSM Parent Guide

Volunteer in Highpoint and Midpoint!

We know there are lots of gifted and talented people at Cornerstone. Will you consider plugging into CSM? (For all the details about Highpoint and Midpoint, please click the boxes below.)

See CSM Volunteer Opportunities

Here’s a quick look at all the opportunities:

All Campuses (84th, HH, SW):

  • Wednesday Night Small Group Leader MS & HS
  • Special Needs “Buddy”
  • Confirmation Mentor
  • Event Food Coordinator
  • Outreach Organizer
  • Mentor
  • Prayer Warrior

84th St. Campus:

  • Sunday Night Small Group Leader MS or HS
  • Worship Band Coordinator
  • Tech Coordinator
  • Safety & Security Team
  • Video Announcement Crew Leader
  • Café Host
  • Videographer/Photographer (events, promos, other)
  • Worship Band Musician or Singer
  • Base Camp Improvement Crew (painting, décor, creative help)

Get Started!

For more details on each opportunity, and/or to fill out the online form to help out!

CSM Volunteer Application

CSM Programs & Resources

Click on the boxes below to see what we do in our Middle and High School programs - and don't forget to look at Events & Trips!


Sunday Nights at 84th St. for 9th-12th Grade Students from all Campuses


Wednesday Nights at 84th St. for 6th-8th Grade Students from all Campuses

Parent Cues
Upcoming Events

NOTE: Most student events and trips require parents to fill out our Parent Permission Form.