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Confirmation / Membership

Confirmation is a defining moment in the life of many of our students. We’re excited to watch each student explore a more committed relationship with Jesus!


Confirmation is a class for 8th and 9th graders. It’s designed to help students grow in their faith, ask tough questions and find answers together through Christ.

During the middle school years, big questions about purpose and faith tend to be more a part of kids’ lives. Confirmation is an important journey for students as they discover the answers to these questions.

In Confirmation, they explore foundational beliefs shared by those who choose to follow Jesus Christ. Adult mentors walk alongside students during the whole process. Baptism is an option for students during Confirmation, as is becoming a member at Cornerstone.

Confirmation starts in September each year, and runs through mid-March.

High School Students

For high school students, there isn't a confirmation class available. Instead, students should attend a Membership Class just as adults do.

Director of Family Ministries

Betsy Marvin
Betsy Marvin

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