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Fast for Thirst

It's happening March 23-24! This year, we're again partnering with Zoe Waters, which provides clean water solutions and shares the Gospel around the world.

About 30-Hour Fast for Thirst

We'll start our fast on Friday March 23, then get together Friday night through Saturday for fun, games and learning more about the crisis related to lack of clean water. We'll end our fast by eating together late Saturday afternoon, then going to the 6:00pm service together! Invite your friends, get donations for Zoe Waters, and let's have an awesome time while we make a real impact for people in the world who need water!

Important Note: A Parent Permission Form has to be on file for each student participating in the Fast.

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The 30-Hour Fast for Thirst Relies on Volunteers… Like You!

High school students and Adults: will you support our middle school students during part, or all of the Fast? There are lots of ways you can lend a hand! You can choose to help with any, some, or all:

  • Friday 4-6pm Set-up
  • Friday 6-8pm Registration
  • Friday 9pm – Saturday 9am Overnight
  • Saturday 10am-1pm Prayer Walk/Service Projects
  • Saturday 3-6pm Meal Prep and Clean Up
  • I’m Brave! I’ll be there the whole time!

If you can donate your time, or make a financial contribution, please click the appropriate buttons below. Thank you for helping get life-sustaining, clean water to millions who desperately need it!

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We'd Love Your Support!

You can support us by:

  • Praying

    Ask God to bless our students as they overcome hunger.

  • Making a Donation

    Here's what a donation to the Fast for Thirst can do:

    • $5 donation = provides 100 gallons of water (enough for 8 people per day)
    • $10 donation = provides 200 gallons of water (enough for 1 person for two weeks)
    • $25 donation = provides a Treasure Unit where about 144 people will hear about God in their own language
    • $100 donation = water for three families for one month
    • $250 donation = waters for one family for a WHOLE year
    • $1,000 donation = 25 Treasure units about 3,600 people will hear about God in their own language

    Every donation is tax-deductible!

    Donate to Fast for Thirst

Middle School Team Lead

Kyle Kotrch
Kyle Kotrch

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1034
Email Kyle