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Mexico Mission Trip

Each year for the past 20 years, Cornerstone Student Ministries has taken a group of high school juniors and seniors on a mission trip to Mexico. This trip has been life-altering for many of them as they serve Jesus in a way they may not have ever done before!

When: December 27, 2018-January 3, 2019

Hi Everyone,

All the slots are full for the Mexico Mission Trip! There are still ways you can be on our Mexico Team right here at home. Please pray for everyone who’s going on this trip: for safety as we travel and while we’re there, and for the Holy Spirit to go before us to prepare the hearts of those we’ll be ministering to. If you’re able to financially support the Team, just scroll toward the bottom of the page. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Mexico Mission Trip 2018 - 2019

December 27, 2018-January 3, 2019

In Acuña, Mexico, we work with Pastor David and his church in connection with Evident Ministries. Year after year, we’re in awe of how God works through us as we serve with the Mexican pastor in his community. Although this is not a construction trip, we might be called on to serve through our hands in some way. Our main purpose is to be the voice of Jesus as students lead ministries, share the gospel, and live the mission of the church. Whatever we do, we have “being like Jesus” in mind.

While we’re in Acuña, we stay at a Christian Camp outside the city and serve within the city each day. I’m aware of the safety concerns in Mexico, and I am in contact with the missionary who lives there, as well as those who lead our trip. Last year, we felt very safe and were well cared for by the Acuña community.

We realize this trip is not for everyone, so please consider if your student is ready for an endeavor like this. There is intensive training involved, along with expectations for each participant.

There is a Parent/Student meeting Sunday, Oct. 7, 12:30-1:30pm in Base Camp at the 84th St. Campus for all students going on this trip. Training begins later in October.

Cost: $850 (includes airfare, meals outside of travel days, lodging in Texas and Acuna, all training materials, and transportation). $50 deposit required at sign up.


Family and Friends, you can be part of the sending team by praying and/or financially contributing! We couldn't do it without all the love, support, and prayers from our loved ones. Thank you for your help in spreading the love of Jesus!


For Your Calendar: Meeting & Training Dates

Student/Parent Meeting - Oct 7
12:30 - 1:30 in Base Camp at 84th St. Campus

Student Training - Oct 21
12:30-2:30 in Base Camp at 84th St. Campus

Student Training - Nov 4
12:30 - 2:30 in Base Camp at 84th St. Campus

Student Training - Nov 25
6-8pm in Base Camp at 84th St. Campus

Overnighter - Nov 30-Dec 1
The Square at 84th St. Campus

Student/Parent Meeting - Dec. 16
12:30- 1:30 in Base Camp at 84th St. Campus

More Information

More information is available on the Evident Ministries website.

High School Team Lead

Meagan Mastenbrook
Meagan Mastenbrook

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1001
Email Meagan