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The Summit
The Summit

Meeting Times

The Summit: Sunday Nights for Students meets most Sundays starting September 10 and continues through the school year.

84th St. (High School), 6-8pm
South Wyoming (Middle & High School), 6-8pm

The Summit

Our night happens in two parts: a larger get-together for laughter, games, worship, and teaching as we seek Jesus together; then small groups for community. Click on the video above for a peek into Summit at 84th St. You are welcome here!

Upcoming Events

See our Upcoming Events page for a list of everything that's going on in Student Ministries! We’re always adding new things, so check back now and then!

High School Team Lead

Meagan Mastenbrook
Meagan Mastenbrook

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1001
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