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Wednesday Nights

Dinner - Fellowship - Learning!

Wednesday Nights at Cornerstone

Wednesday Nights are BIG at Cornerstone!

We have dinner, adult classes/workshops, *Y-cell and **Children’s Ministry—starting September 13 at all three campuses!

Dinner: 5:30 – 6:30 // $4/person or $15/family.
Adult Classes & Workshops, Y-cell and Children’s Ministry: 6:30 - 8pm.

Important Notes:

Classes & Workshops

Here’s a quick reference list of the classes by campus. More detailed descriptions and signups are available under the campus name drop-downs below.

  • 84th St. – Classes: Revelation; Marriage Oneness; Understanding the Muslim World: Reality & Response; Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Workshops: (Dates and details in campus drop-down below): Hand2Hand of Cornerstone; Partners Worldwide – From Paternalism to Partnership; Parenting in the Internet Age; Circles Grand Rapids; Family Promise of Grand Rapids.
  • Heritage Hill – Class: The Bible Says What?
  • South Wyoming – Classes: Romans: Some of the Most Powerful Verses in Scripture!; Intentional Parenting. Upcoming Class: Sharing Your Faith

84th St. Campus


  • Revelation [84th St. Campus]

    September 13 - November 15

    Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is one of the most fascinating and difficult-to-understand books in the whole Bible. Yet, despite the difficulties, it’s a book filled with God's love for the world, and a vision of a future where God makes all things well. Join us for this 10-week class!

  • Marriage Oneness [84th St. Campus]

    September 13 - November 1

    Marriage Oneness equips you as a couple to grow in true intimacy, connection and purpose – and teaches you how to experience closeness for a lifetime! Along with a profile to evaluate and address your Oneness level, Marriage Oneness includes small group discussions, Oneness Work application exercises and a personalized Next Steps Planner.

  • Understanding the Muslim World: Reality & Response [84th St. Campus]

    September 13 - October 18

    "Understanding the Muslim World: Reality & Response" is a six-week study on the basics of Islam and a Christian response to engaging Muslim neighbors. Class includes understanding Islam and ISIS, our response, a visit to a local mosque, discussion with a Muslim background believer from the Middle East (a person with a Muslim background who is now following Jesus), ministry opportunities, videos, and interaction that will give you greater information and inspiration!

  • Financial Peace University [84th St. Campus]

    September 13 - November 8

    God expects us to be good stewards of what He provides us. Financial Peace University is a 9-week class designed to help all of us to live wisely when it comes to our finances. If you are looking for a tested and proven way to get on track financially, please consider attending Financial Peace University. Created by Dave Ramsey, this Bible-based set of principles will encourage and educate you about getting out of debt, budgeting, looking toward the future, and more. Here's a quick look at Financial Peace.

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  • Hand2Hand [84th St. Campus]

    October 25

    Hear about how hunger impacts West Michigan kids! If you've wondered about Hand2Hand and have questions, this is a great opportunity to get them answered. Learn how Hand2Hand of Cornerstone provides food to hungry kids over the weekend, and all the ways you can be involved!

  • Partners Worldwide – From Paternalism to Partnership [84th St. Campus]

    November 1

    If you've ever wondered how you could have a global Kingdom impact beyond financially giving, this is for you! You may be surprised how God can use your business skills from here, to build a relationship and have a Kingdom impact half a world away. From Paternalism to Partnership will look at some of the dangers of the ways we have tried to help in the past, and talk about why partnerships are a responsible and effective model for helping well. Greg Elzinga from Partners Worldwide will present, and share about who Partners Worldwide is, and how they build partnerships around the globe.

  • Parenting in the Internet Age [84th St. Campus]

    November 8 & 15

    This is a two-part workshop on two consecutive Wednesdays. Led by Chris McKenna, this workshop is designed to help you as parents and grandparents navigate the internet age. It will also help you to raise kids and grandkids that are safe and responsible on the Internet.

    Important Note: *This is a 2-part workshop; you’ll want to attend BOTH weeks!

  • Circles Grand Rapids [84th St. Campus]

    November 8

    Hear from Cornerstone's community partner, Circles Grand Rapids. Gain a better understanding of some of the layers of poverty in our community, and the approach Circles Grand Rapids uses to help. If you've wanted to know more about Circles GR, or know you're interested and want to find out next steps to be involved, you’ll want to attend this workshop.

  • Family Promise of Grand Rapids [84th St. Campus]

    November 15

    There are hundreds of families in Greater Grand Rapids without a place to live. Kate O'Keefe from Family Promise of Grand Rapids will give us a better understanding of the realities of family homelessness in our area. She’ll also share how Family Promise GR and Cornerstone Church work together to help end homelessness, one family at a time. If you've ever been interested in IHN at Cornerstone, Partners in Housing, or the Family Promise Christmas Store, you'll want to attend this community partner workshop!

To register for any of the above Wednesday Night classes or workshops at 84th St. (except Financial Peace University, which has its own signup above), click the button below.

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Heritage Hill Campus

  • The Bible Says What? [Heritage Hill Campus]

    September 13 - November 15

    Have you ever had questions about the Bible? How do you read this book? When was the Bible put together? What about all the different authors in the Bible, the different styles of writing, and the history behind these words? In this 10-week class with Pastor Alex Fernandez, you’ll talk about these and many more questions about this book that we look to as God’s Word. You’ll learn some of the background behind the Bible in a way that will help you read it like you’ve never read it before. You’ll read passages you may have read before with brand new eyes, unlocking a brand-new perspective!

To register for any of the above Wednesday Night classes at Heritage Hill, click the button below.

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South Wyoming Campus

  • Romans [South Wyoming Campus]

    September 13 - November 15

    "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." "There is now therefore no condemnation in Christ Jesus." "For I am convinced that...[nothing] in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Paul's letter to the Romans is filled with some of the most powerful verses in all of scripture. Join Pastor Marcus Schmidt for this 10-week Bible study.

  • Intentional Parenting [South Wyoming Campus]

    September 13 - October 11

    As parents, we all start out with the best intentions – although, at some point, we move from “dreams to duct tape” and hope everything will just stick together. Let’s face it; it’s just easier to focus on immediate problems rather than deal with the deeper and more important ones! Surviving each day is much easier than taking the time and energy to consider how parenting actions impact a child’s future. We get it. To be an exceptional parent, you need to be an intentional parent. But don’t worry! You’re not alone. It’s never too late to become an intentional parent. Remember, you are the GREATEST influence in the life of your child (no matter their age)! Let’s walk this important journey – together.

  • Sharing Your Faith [South Wyoming Campus]

    October 18 - November 15

    Good news is meant to be shared! God calls us to share our faith, and the Bible reminds us why. But what does that look like in today’s age? How do we have spiritual conversations with people around us? In this 5-week class, you’ll learn and practice sharing your faith without using a formula or trying to scare people about eternal punishment, but rather to help people around you learn about the radical and life-giving love that God has for each and every one of us.

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