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Project Game Change 2.0 - A Continued Vision

In 2013, Cornerstone launched a 3-year vision called Project Game Change, because we felt God leading us toward game changing moments in the life of this church. As Project Game Change came to a close in December of 2015, Cornerstone's leadership prayed and thought about where God might be taking us next, we discovered we still have a strong heartbeat for the four components of that previous vision. As a result, Project Game Change 2.0 launched on January 1, 2016, and we will continue to search for God's leading in these four areas.

Our Vision

Our vision for Project Game Change 2.0 consists of 4 primary objectives. Click each objective below to learn more and to see what we're up to!

Continued Debt Reduction

Even though we added debt with the purchase of the Heritage Hill Campus in 2013, we continue to eliminate long-term debt as quickly as possible, as shown in the graphic below.

Debt Reduction Bar Graph
84th Street Campus Improvements

In June 2014, we finished a new parking lot and widened the very narrow Kalamazoo Street entrance.

New Parking Lot
Multi-site expansion

Doors opened October 4, 2015 with two services every Sunday, with now an average attendance of 350 adults and 40 kids, Cornerstone South Wyoming and Campus pastor Marcus Schmidt are reaching many brand new people to Cornerstone. We continue to hear stories of how God is drawing people in search of peace and hope to the South Wyoming Campus.

South Wyoming Campus South Wyoming Inside Pastor Marcus Schmidt Worship Center at South Wyoming
Glocal Transformation

Expansion of our local partnership with Family Promise and their Partners in Housing initiative has led to the purchase of four mobile homes over the past 12 months by Cornerstone, most recently in June 2014. These homes are refurbished by Cornerstone adults, and then become a permanent home to a Family Promise family.

A second local initiative has been to establish a long-term relationship with Campus Elementary School, just blocks away from Cornerstone Heritage Hill. The video below quickly explains the impact of this new relationship on the lives of teachers, students and of Cornerstone's own people.

Two recent global developments include the April 2014 purchase a fence to mark property in the Dukana region of northern Kenya, which will be the future home of a missionary family. We’ve also paid for consultants to check the Rendille language translation of the New Testament in June 2014. Once the New Testament is fully translated, an oral recording of the New Testament will also be funded by Cornerstone. Although Cornerstone has just recently become involved, the Rendille translation project has been in process for over 30 years! (How does Bible translation work?) We are beyond excited to give God’s Word to this unreached people group for the first time.

Rendille Translation Dukana Fence

How Lives Have Been Impacted by Project Game Change

As Cornerstone's leadership prayed and thought about where God might be taking us, we've discovered we still have a strong heartbeat for these four components...
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