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If you are visiting this page because of a loved one's death, please accept our condolences on your loss. We will be praying for you and your family as you go through this difficult time. If we can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you in your time of need.

We hope that this page will answer your questions about having a funeral service at Cornerstone. Please contact our funeral coordinator, Mara Marsman, if you have any further questions.

Funeral Services

A funeral service takes place soon after a death has occurred. It is generally religious in nature, with prayers, scripture readings, words of reflection and music that lift up the presence and power of God in matters of life and death, and particularly in the life of the deceased. It is a service not only of mourning but also of hope in the promises of God. It may be followed by a cemetery service of committal.

Mara Marsman is the coordinator for funeral services at Cornerstone. The family or Funeral Director may contact her at the church office and she will make sure all of the arrangements from the church’s end are handled. Typically, she meets with the family before or after the meeting with the pastor to go over any other details and to show the family the facilities.

Funeral Officiant

We have two pastors and some retired pastors in the congregation who may be available to do a service. It is acceptable to have another pastor as well, with approval of our pastor.

The pastor will want to meet with the family 2-3 days before the service to go over arrangements for the service itself: special scripture or songs requested, determining any others who will want to speak, special music, etc. It is helpful to have family members write out stories or memories (funny and serious ones are both appropriate) of their loved one. The pastor will use these to create a meaningful, personal message for the service.


  • There is no charge for the use of Cornerstone's facilities. There are fees for personnel who are involved in the service.
  • Both visitation and services may be held at the church, depending on availability of space. Visitation an hour before the service may take place in the Hub.
  • We have held very small services in the Hub with chairs set up in the carpeted area. Otherwise, services are generally held in the Worship Center.
  • A stand is available for a guest book.
  • Two easels are available if the family would like to display picture boards of their loved one.
  • A television on a cart to show a DVD of your loved one is available. (Some funeral homes prepare these.)


A luncheon can be served in the Hub following the service. We have someone on staff who will coordinate the team. If you would like salads and desserts donated by congregation members, that can be arranged. Generally the family pays for any food that is purchased. We will collect receipts and give the costs to the family or the Funeral Home (your choice) for payment after the service. Our team will coordinate serving the food. If you have a Life Group that would like to do this, we welcome that also.

Funeral Coordinator

Mara Marsman
Mara Marsman

P 616.698.3170 ext. 1013
Email Mara


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